Melanie’s Miracle Makeovers

Rome wasn’t built in a day . . .  And unless you are in that very privileged position to have an unlimited budget and an unlimited timeframe . . . . Neither will your home.  Budget and time constraints can often put us into a constant state of perpetual procrastination.  This is where OzdendeS can help.

My advice – ‘Baby Steps’

Let us guide you through your project, breaking it into workable stages. Choose to divide your space into smaller manageable rooms and make that one area perfect.  Let us do all the design and sourcing of the materials while you live your life.  When it is time to ‘pack up’ that room, it will be in the knowledge that in less than a week it will all be done and you will be moved back into that zone.  This allows for the least disruption to your day to day living.  Time management is the key to stress free renovation

The next advantage to this modular approach to renovation is that if budget is an issue, you don’t plan on moving into the next zone until the last one is paid off and or the ‘Reno Budget’ is in the black again. 

Flexibility is the absolute key – and at OzdendeS we can advise the best strategy based on your unique set of constraints whether they be time, financial or personal.

I have done the renovation thing in my own home, in a foreign language and under less than ideal circumstances and I can guarantee you that renovating is not a picnic! But the chance to create a space unique to you, gives you such an amazing sense of belonging that I can guarantee that it is worth it.