Let us create your ‘Colour Bible’

It truly is amazing what a difference a coat of paint can make.

A carefully chosen and executed colour palette can transform a space with a minimum investment in time and no commitment at all to structural changes.

Colour is integral in setting the emotional feel of the room and along with that can calm and sooth, highlight favourite furniture and art pieces, and speak to our own emotions on a very visceral level. There are some very easy rules that can be followed in order to create the perfect space. 

If you love the idea of a ‘DIY’ renovation but just want some direction and some rules to follow to guarantee your success, then perhaps the OzdendeS Design Consultancy ‘Colour Bible’ service is of you.

I will meet with you in your home, evaluate your spaces and the key pieces that hold the most emotional meaning and relevance for you, and based on that, create an easy to follow ‘Colour Bible’ with base and accent colours that you can use as a guide in shopping for your accessories and in choosing the colours you wish to use in your DIY renovation.