Bathrooms are my absolute favourite space in the home to consult on and design. 

I firmly believe that the easiest space in the home to give yourself a little bit of glamour and luxury is the bathroom.  Nothing is quite as relaxing as walking into your own bathroom and feeling as though you have treated yourself to a weekend at a luxury hotel.  My passion is tiling and the amazing transformation that the choice of a truly exquisite tile can bring to a space.  I love the challenge of creating an entirely functional space that both works with your lifestyle while seamlessly transporting you from the mundane.


Bedrooms are all about creating a cocoon that speaks to the user of the room. 

It should be a room that encourages rest – both mental and physical.  It is a space where everything has to be working together to the same end goal.  Visual and tactile elements must be in harmony – that amazing combination of lighting, linens, furniture and colour.

It is the most personal and intimate space in your home and it is so very important that you take the time to create in that space an environment that speaks to you.

OzdendeS can make sure that happens.